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  • Eid Mubarak

    Nov 28, 2009

    Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    Taqabbal Allaahu minnaa wa minkum!!! (May Allaah accept from us and from you)

    Wishing you a very Happy Eid Mubarak!

    May the Mercy & Blessing's of the Almighty be with you, your family, and friends during this auspicious Eid Blessings Day and continue to be always. May your year ahead continue to be filled with a healthy, wealthy, and prosperity life, and may you have a Joyous and Spirited Eid Mubarak (Blessings) day with all your dear ones, including people of all faiths and humanity, filled with Love, Peace, and Happiness .... Ameen

    As we celebrate this blessed day let us not forget the suffering of our oppressed brothers and sisters in Afghanistan, Palestine, Kashmir, Bosnia, Chechnya, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, and the other nations in our duas. Make tons of duas for them


    1. omran said...:

      thansk alot
      how are you brother
      please send me you mobile number

      omran from, k.S.A

    1. Waleed said...:

      Salaam ALLAH Alikum dear brothers and sisters. hope you all are doing well. Wishing you a blissing Eid to you, your family and friends.

      fe aman ALLAH
      Waleed Ahmed


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