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  • Planning to get Married? Then Plan it properly

    May 16, 2012
    The summer is here and lots of wedding cards are lying on my table. Some exclusively deserve to participate in the ‘Best Wedding Card’ competitions. These days your status in the society is directly proportional to your son’s our daughter’s ‘exclusive wedding invitation’. Now a days wedding ceremonies have special ‘Event Planners’ who plan it according to your budgets. Many new careers have been carved out of this self invented compulsion in social custom.

        Look at the expenses mentioned below that tell us how our wedding budgets are getting obese .Kindly note that the below mentioned money is not to be spend on the groom and bride but on other people.

    1. Hiring the Hall           15,000/ - 1,00,000/
    2. Decorating the Hall    20,000/-  1,00,000/
    3. Welcome drinks         10,000/ -   50,000/
    4. Starters                      25,000 –   3,0,000/
    5. Dinner                     1,00,000 -   ………./
    6. Wedding Cards  
    7. Hotel rooms for out station guests…….
    8. Local transportation for outstation guests
    9. Gifts to the close relatives of groom by the bride’s family
    10. …… 11………12………..

    These are some compulsory expenses which have become a norm of our times. People have sold of their flats and other properties to meet the expenses of daughters. A close neighbour I know of, owned a big business and stayed in a large two bedroom apartment. He had four daughters. During the marriage of his first daughter he sold his flat and shifted to a smaller apartment. A couple of years later he sold his smaller flat too and shifted to a smaller apartment. By the time his fourth daughter got married, the man was selling post cards on the footpaths of the city!

         An Islamic marriage is easy to plan and you can plan to make it easy. But the point is, how do  we convince our elders that we want to save their hard earned money? It all depends upon how strong your arguments are. Begin with some questions to yourselves and your elders.  Is it necessary to invite a huge crowd even if we are rich? Do you know how much money just an ice cream costs which is served after the dinner?  Is it wise to spend lacs of Rupees for a few hours of get together?

      How many nikah take place in our own city every May-June? Hundreds ! If we save our wealth from being paid to caterers, decorators ! How about conducting nikah in Masjids only ? Our Masjids are community centers. We can save huge amount  of wealth. Next time when some one in your family is getting married don’t forget to offer your polite suggestions. Who knows how many families can be saved from getting bankrupt dues to marriages ! And Allah too rightly says” who ever intercedes for a good cause shall have a share in it… Surah Nisa' ch 4, verse 86

    Author : Nisaar Nadiadwala can be reached at nisaar_yusuf@yahoo.com


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